Hinge HES3D Heavy Duty & Adjustable from Sugatsune of Japan

Hinge Adjustment
Fitting the HES3D Adjustable Hinge
Hinge comes with and adjustment tool
Adjusting the horizontal position of the door using the supplied tool.
Hinge Adjustment can be made on three axes
Adjustment can be made on three axes
Hinge ES3D
Supplied in either silver or gold finish

An adjustable hinge that makes hanging doors so easy that often you’ll only need one man instead of two to fit a door.

Heavy Duty Hinge – for doors up to 60kg. 

Hinge HES3D 190 will support a door with a weight of 60kgs per pair, more if more hinges are fitted. The smaller HES3D 160 carries 40kg per door making it more than capable of supporting a 51mm thick solid mahogany door.

Hinges easy to fit

After preinstalling the two parts of the hinge in the door and the jamb the hinges can just be snapped together. Any adjustments can then be made to the positioning and alignment using the supplied hex key. It makes hanging a door a whole lot easier and sometimes means that the job can be done by one man rather  than two, which could help keep costs down.


Removing the colour matched cover plates 3 pairs of hex bolts are revealed, each pair responsible for one axis. By turning the bolts the door can be moved vertically up and down, horizontally across the opening and backwards and forwards for a perfect fit.

A hinge that opens a full 180 degrees.

Once fitted this style of hinge opens 180 degrees to provide unobstructed access and when closed is invisible. It opens smoothly on solid aluminium arms with a stainless steel shaft.

Supplied with screws and fitting tool

To make life even easier stainless steel flat head screws are supplied along with the hex key for adjustment. You still have to rout out the recess in the door and frame and clear instructions are supplied for this. 

Japanese quality and reliability

These hinges are made in Japan and have been through the rigorous testing and quality control (200,000 cycle tests) you expect from Sugatsune so that you can rely on the hinge to continue doing it’s job without fuss or worry.
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