Little things that make Sugatsune special

Sugatsune invented the soft-close concept and brought it to the world with products like the NSDX
UDH dampers
Capsule dampers like the UDH are used in loo seats and wherever rotational force needs calming.
The SAM, super fine mesh keeps bugs out and lets the air through.

Sugatsune is proud to be known by it’s customers as an innovator with a unique range of products. It’s motion control systems have literally changed the world we live in. What is not so immediately clear is that Sugatsune manufacture a truly extensive range of high volume hardware items for all industries: catches, latches, hinges and hooks, the bits and pieces that other manufacturers need to make their products work. All of these products have features that make them unique too.

A history of innovation and exotic motion

Soft-close mechanisms, now ubiquitous with quality kitchens, were invented by Sugatsune, they held a world patent for 25 years. They continue to develop new motion control mechanisms with exotic movements that find homes not only in the kitchen but in industry and institutions too.

35 years ago Sugatsune developed rotary dampers to such high specification that they were small and tough enough to be used to dampen a loo seat. What was once a unique development has now become a commodity, produced by other companies too. Sugatsune remains the world’s major supplier because the dampers they produce are smaller and more reliable than the competition.

The details that make the difference

But as well as the stand-out products that Sugatsune are famous for there is a catalogue of literally thousands of simpler products all of which have the same standards of manufacturing excellence and innovation.

For Sugatsune what is important is that every product it sells is not only engineered to the highest standards possible but that it also has some detail about it that makes it unique.
Take for example the SAM cabinet ventilator seen to the left. It’s used to allow the movement of air through an equipment housing whilst keeping insects and detritus out. It’s not an unusual item, you’ll find similarish ventilators produced by hardware manufacturers around the world, so why would you choose the one made by Sugatsune?

The best way, not the easiest way

If you look closely at the SAM you’ll notice that it is not a single pressing, the simplest way of producing this kind of item. It is actually three individually tooled pieces of stainless steel spot welded together. The 0.4mm mesh that is used allows for good throughput of air with excellent protection from ingress of unwanted matter. It is sandwiched between the rim and a cover and the whole is made from 304 quality stainless steel.


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