Just one of the benefits of good engineering

The AI-25W has a spring driven mechanism that opens and closes the door automatically.
The LM-80 self closes much heavier doors
The SKD has a novel opening plan which keeps out of the way for wheelchair users.
The LIN-X opens out and to the side, not impinging on the gangway.
The SLD-Elan has an unusual parallel down opening making it easier for some to manipulate.
Parallel up opening, the SLU-Elan will stay open where you leave it.

Sliding doors when there is lack of space and need and extra solution

Wheelchair users face a set of challenges around the home which the able bodied amongst us can barely imagine. The average domestic space is built around the assumption that it’s users will essentially be rod-shaped, skinny at the bottom and a bit thicker in the middle.

The wheelchair changes this around so all the mass sits lower to the floor meaning that gangways need to be wider and doors need a major rethink. If a door opens towards you, it’s not just a question of neatly pirouetting around it as it swings open, some kind of three point turn is required, whilst hanging on to the door. Not Easy. Don’t even think about self closing fire doors.

Sliding doors can be a solution but need refinements to make them truly useful for the disabled user.

The AI-25W is a self-opening and closing sliding door. It uses a non-electrical mechanism to completely open or close the door with just one slight push at the start, making it a boon for wheelchair users.

For heavier doors, up to 85kgs, a self-closing system like the LM-80 is a good choice. It’s easy to open, has a catch to keep it open and is fully self-closing. Neither of these sliding doors require a floor rail so wheelchair users don’t have to negotiate a level crossing when moving from room to room.

Sliding doors of course need somewhere to slide and in some rooms the space is not available. The SKD is a swing door that moves back as it swings open, Sugatsune call it a rolling door system. It can be fitted in a standard door opening but it’s novel motion is perfect for those with limited mobility.

The LIN-X and SLU ELAN for parallel opening

In the kitchen where preparing a meal can involve plenty of cupboard door opening action there are some intelligent solutions from Sugatsune too. The LIN-X has a parallel opening motion that is much more user friendly than a sliding door but does not swing out into the gangway like a conventional swing door. It has dampers for soft closing making it easy to live with.

For an overhead cupboard where you don’t want to have to reach up to close the door the SLD has a vertical swing down mechanism. It also has lift assist to make the business of closing effortless.

For those with limited limb movement reaching can be a pain so ‘free-stop’ mechanisms like the SLU Elan can be really helpful. It has a similar motion to the SLD but opens upwards. It provides welcome lift-assist but importantly the door stays exactly where you leave it not swinging up and out of reach.

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