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Fastmount Panel System

Many commercial interiors have a requirement for panels that need periodic removal, giving access to services beneath, both on walls and ceilings. One example often seen by Sugatsune is a pocket door which requires access to the mechanism for routine maintenance. There are hotels where this is done by breaking open the wall where surely a removable panel is a more sensible choice.

Sometimes entire walls are clad in removable panels, such as in a retail space requiring seasonal changes, or smaller decorative panels which can be swapped out in the case of wear and tear. The advantages of easily removed panels are clear to customers but how do you  to deliver a robust, practical solution?

The options, until recently, have been clunky, difficult to fit and inaccurate. Flush panels, for example, really need high tolerances to look smart, anything out of true ruins the entire look. Panels which look great upon installation can deteriorate quickly when staff remove them to gain access and then require a skilled fitter to restore them to true.

Every now and then Sugatsune comes across a product that meets it’s own stringent standards of design and performance, a product so fit for purpose it cannot be improved upon.

One such product is the Fastmount Panel Mounting System.

Fastmount is an Auckland based company with an award winning product that grew out of the marine interiors industry and is widely becoming adopted as the gold standard for panel fixing systems.

The Fastmount system was developed with modern thinking and state of the art materials technology. It is accurate and quick to install and is designed for repeated removal and reapplication of the surface whilst maintaining perfect fit.
Interchangeable male and female clips allow for a range of materials and fixing styles giving the designer the flexibility she needs.

For flush surfaces it’s an absolute boon giving flawless accuracy no matter how often the panels are changed. The design of the clips and their fixings is as well thought through as any Sugatsune product whilst the quality of manufacture is exceptional.

Indeed it is such a good product that of Sugatsune’s various global branches got together and decided to carry Fastmount as their favoured panel fixing solution. It is literally a world class solution.

Standard, Low Profile and Very Low Profile versions each come with three mounting options: self tapping, screw fixed or glued. Within each version the male and female clips are common to the different mounting types so that diverse substrates from wood and plasterboard to concrete and composites can all be used in a single installation.

Ceiling panels can be safely and reliably attached in the knowledge that at any time they can be removed for maintenance. Tricky curved panels are straight forward as the system allows for lateral adjustment.

Styles include:

  • Self Tapping
  • Surface Mount
  • Side Mount
  • Auto Fit 
  • Standard, Low and Very Low Profile

The Fastmount System is set to become the international standard for panel mounting and Sugatsune is proud to supply it as part of their range.

See more on the Sugatsune website or Download the Fastmount pdf brochure

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