Black as night, a new dawn for Sugatsune

An inset glass door hinge for showcases the GH-34-0 supports glass or acrylic 4-6mm
The 1310GL Glass door lock for glass 5-8mm thick using a dimple key
The HES3D-E190 is a powerful architectural hinge that stands at the top of a range of three way adjustable hinges
Surface mounted aluminium shelf system: the AP-DM
Made from stainless steel the HJT now comes in black.

Black is one of those colours that has it’s own special mystique

No one ever accused Sugatsune hardware of looking drab. Their beautifully engineered mechanisms perform flawlessly and please the eye in equal measure. 

Fashions change though and the demand for finishes that complement the designed interior is growing. The predominant finish in the Sugatsune catalogue is stainless steel, that’s what many of the products are made from and also happens to match the modern aesthetic. But there are a growing number of products that can be had in, amongst other colours, black.

Black is one of those colours (I know it’s not really a colour) that has it’s own special mystique, the colour of night, mysterious, chic, sinister and super cool. If dark is the theme then bright metal hardware is going to catch the eye in the wrong way, so Sugatsune’s new black series represents a new dawn in cabinet fittings.

Retail interiors used to be bright overlit spaces but a new way is to heighten the customer’s sense of discovery by creating a brooding darkness filled with splashes of colour. Display cases in these environments will use hinges like the GH34-0 in black possibly coupled with the 1310GL glass door lock for security.

Hooks, shelf systems, locks and hinges with a nice look

Perfectly adjusted architectural doors need a hinge like the HES3D-E190 now available in black after the amazing popularity of its little brother the HES3D-120 introduced in black over a year ago. All of the hinges in the range are fully three way adjustable with a super smooth multilink mechanism, right down to the miniature HES3D-90, soon to be released.

The AP-DM shelf standard is made from aluminium and is slim enough to be surface mounted making it easy to fit. In black it looks very purposeful even to the extent that it could be used as an accent in an all white design.

Hooks are essential practical storage devices and are used where items need to be placed and removed regularly. The HJT looks particularly good in black and would be at home hanging coats in a night club or in the changing rooms of a smart clothing store or health club.

Why not ring our sales team to find out if your favourite piece of hardware is available in black?

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