Introducing Hawa Porta. Practically Perfect Sliding Door Solutions

Hawa Porta Sliding Solutions by Hawa

For the past decade, Sugatsune UK has enjoyed a mutually beneficial relationship with Swiss sliding door specialist Hawa, supplying their products to the UK market.

Now we’re very happy to be able to announce a brand new range in stock – Hawa Porta.

Hawa Porta is a standout example of everything that makes Hawa an ideal partner for Sugatsune. Like us, Hawa prides itself on exemplary design principles, which in the Porta range are demonstrated in an optimum balance of performance, flexibility, simplicity and aesthetic appeal – exactly what we work tirelessly to deliver in our own product ranges.

Hawa Sliding Solutions
Hawa Porta Sliding Solutions

Porta is a fitting system for both wooden and glass sliding doors. It covers an impressive range of weight classes, with fittings available for doors weighing from 40kg all the way up to 600kg – providing a solution for pretty much every internal sliding door use case you can imagine, from slimline closets all the way up to heavy duty partitions.

Adding to this high level of flexibility, Porta fittings are designed with supreme functionality in mind. Modular running tracks make installation quick and straightforward whether fitted to the wall, ceiling or as a top-running track in a pocket system. The fact that these can be pieced together and are also compatible with other products in the Hawa range opens the door to endless combinations to create fully bespoke sliding systems of any size.

All mechanisms tuck neatly out of sight into the running track, with a choice of panelling options to ensure the sliding system blends seamlessly in with your wider room design. On Porta glass sliding door systems, an ingenious clamping shoe fixing design means the glass door panels simply slot into place, with no need to drill or cut, speeding up installation many times over.

Hawa Porta 40 Soft Close System
Hawa Porta 40
Hawa Porta 40_Soft Close System

Hawa Porta 40 H Fitting for top-running wooden doors up to 40 kg (88 lbs.), with surface mounted running track. Optionally with soft and self closing mechanism. Wall mounting.

On top of this convenience and flexibility, Porta fittings also add a touch of luxury to your sliding doors. Not only are the running tracks fitted with friction bearings for smooth, noiseless motion, certain weight classes come with integrated soft and self close mechanisms that ensure the door returns to the closed position of its own accord and does so with a controlled, gentle motion that avoids slamming and trapped fingers.

As with all Hawa ranges we supply, we have a full selection of Porta products in stock ready to ship directly from our showroom in Reading, Berkshire. To find out more about Hawa Porta and other stock we supply from partner brands, get in touch to speak with one of our sales team, our visit our website for a virtual tour of our ranges.

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