A push knob latch that’s success hinges on it’s quality

DPL Push Knob Latch
DPL Available with three different bezels
DPL Diagram
Door is held in compression by catchplate
HG-TB Torque hinge
HG-TB Torque hinge
HG-TA Torque hinge
HG-TA Torque hinge

We’ve worked very hard to produce a Push Knob Latch that can be relied upon by the worlds most prestigious yacht manufacturers – and we’ve stuck to a couple of golden rules.

1. Don’t skimp on quality. Not for anything, it’s not worth it. When your customers come back to you complaining or worse still, making warranty claims any savings will long be forgotten. 

2. Listen to your customers. find out what they want and then give it to them. It’s no surprise when they’re happy!

DPL Push knob latch
The New DPL Push knob latch is a direct response to market demand for a well made and reliable latch that is easy to install and robust enough for a yacht interior. Offering three bezel styles: round, square and oval all available in gold or chrome with the square bezel version also available in satin nickel finish. By special order combinations of finishes can be supplied, for example gold bezel with chrome knob.
Learning from our customers we now supply the knob and latch combined as a single order unit and it is a non handed design
The DPL is particularly easy to fit as it only requires one hole to be bored and three screws to secure. The latch body is made from black plastic (PBT and ABS) and the counter plate, also in black is in ABS. The counter plate is a new design where the door closes against the counter plate allowing the sprung latch bolt to hold the door in compression, rattle free and secure. The counter plate is also of a more substantial and robust design than previous models.
The latch is optimised for 15mm door thicknesses but can be used with doors in the 15-25mm range.
Initial response from customers has been exceedingly positive, the pleasingly crisp tactile response communicates solid quality and the look fits in well with contemporary finishes. 
HGTA and HGTB torque hinges
Sugatsune are well known for their hydraulically damped door systems but sometimes a more straight forward solution is appropriate. Torque hinges supply constant torque over the whole movement of a hinge. The torque will prevent the flap or door from slamming but can be used for other reasons. too. For example, LCD screens can be installed with torque hinges so that they will stay at the required angle or be folded down like a laptop. Sugatsune call this “free-stop” functionality. Desk lids or chest freezer doors will stay open even when in a vibrating situation such as on a boat or on machinery. 
Both styles of hinge are available in two sizes and with 20, 30 or 45 kgf/cm of torque per piece for light, medium or heavy duty use. Available singly in left or right handed versions in smart stainless steel.
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