Why every Sugatsune product is unique

The L-100S, a miniature lid stay that locks open and is unlocked by lifting again. Simple but very effective.
Three separate elements are welded together to make the SAM ventilator that is as good as it can be.
The 304B - an adjustable concealed hinge made from corrosion resistant stainless steel
The NF-60D is a retracting hook with soft-close action. Have a look at it's seductive motion here

Sugatsune large range of solutions

Over the past three months we’ve tried to show you what it is about Sugatsune’s products that make them so special. It’s not just the attention to detail and the engineering excellence, we assume anyone buying from Sugatsune has already grasped that. It’s more the less obvious ingenuity expressed in each product to make it uniquely suitable for certain very particular applications.

We looked at barrel bolts with unique features to prevent accidental opening, and panel catches that stay open when required; high temperature magnetic catches, smaller damped lid stays, stronger concealed hinges. Simple products with special features like the L100S and standard products where the engineering is better thought through like the SAM.

There is of course a theme. Sugatsune doesn’t just bash out furniture and industrial components, it considers each one of it’s thousands of lines before, during and after manufacture. It is important that each one of it’s products has a feature or element of design that sets it apart from all others. Sugatsune, whose designs are widely copied, does not produce “me too” products. Instead it innovates and through a rigorous research and development process produces components that stand out from the crowd. Components that our customers use to make their own products exceptional.

Adding features to an existing product

Changing the materials a product is made from will alter it’s performance. In the case of the 304B SUS concealed hinges it opened up entirely new markets. The design is familiar, it’s a concealed hinge, well made but similar to the sort of thing you’d find in any kitchen cabinet the world over. But rather than being made of mild steel and zinc castings it’s made of corrosion resistant stainless steel. Hello yacht industry, hello pharmaceuticals, hello anyone who wants a simply installed hinge which won’t rust up in a damp or corrosive environment.

As it turns out the 304B is a standard fixture used by many of the worlds most prestigious yacht manufacturers, it’s also used in manufacturing or lab environments and in domestic situations where it’s hot and humid.

How to improve upon a hook? Nothing better for hanging your jacket on but what happens in a transport situation where friendly hooks can represent a health hazard? The NF-60D was a design response to just this conundrum. It was decided that when not in use it would be good if the hook retracted. And because it’s made by Sugatsune it retracts silently with a slick damper function. It’s so cool it doesn’t just get used on boats and trains but finds it’s way into classy offices too

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