4 ingenious solutions to problems you don’t yet know you have

Research and development is an integral part of how Sugatsune works. By responding to individual customers and to the market new products are continually suggested, designed and refined. Very often they are solutions to problems many of us didn’t know we had.

Take the J95 which has been developed from hinges used in Japanese “pachinko” slot machines it supports the ever larger doors being demanded these days that can be so tricky to fit. The LAD is fast becoming a standard fitting on counter flaps as it stops them from slamming shut. A new magnetic pop-up guide pin for sliding doors, the FD-30MG allows a sliding door to remain stable when closed yet leave a clear floor when open. The AP-FK20 is a tilting shelf accessory for the AP-DM shelf standard which extends an already flexible system, just when we’d all got used to the idea that a horizontal shelf was fine.

A pop-up magnetic sliding door guide pin for clear gangways

Many sliding doors use a guide pin situated in the floor to stabilise the movement of a top mounted door. They’re less visually intrusive than a rail but clearly can’t be installed in mid gangway. Sugatsune’s new FD-30MG is an ingenious magnetic guide pin that pops up when the door slides over it. When the door is fully opened the pin drops down into it’s housing flush with the floor.

A magnet guide receiver is installed into the bottom of the sliding door. Powerful neodymium magnets pull up the guide pin when overhead automatically locating the pin in the receiver. The door becomes rigid and slides easily. Multiple units can be used depending upon the size or number of doors.

The FD-30MG comes in three colours to fit in with any decor, it is ruggedly made from cast and machined metal with a smooth plastic cap and is secured with screws into the floor

A bigger stronger concealed hinge for bigger wider doors

If you’re used to scratching your head and installing up to five concealed hinges to support the larger doors demanded by modern interiors the the J95 is for you. It’s a concealed hinge in every detail, only larger and a lot stronger.


Made from heavier guage metal and solid castings a pair of J95s will support a door 800mm wide and weighing up to 25kgs. It’s fitted into a larger 40mm hole to give added purchase but remains fully adjustable as you’d expect and snaps easily onto it’s mounting plate. Double height doors are now effortless to install.

The really good news is that the J95 is in stock in the UK and can be ordered for next day delivery, just call our charming customer support team and they’ll be happy to supply you.

A new angle on shelf standards

Most of us like our shelves to be flat, they work well that way, nothing rolls off. In retail though angling a shelf has the advantage of displaying products to better advantage, catching the light better and feeling more accessible to purchasers.


Sugatsune’s popular AP-DM shelving system is often used in retail, it’s smart low profile design with snap in shelf supports is ideal for up market outlets. Just introduced is a new shelf support that allows for stepless adjustment from 0-60º. The AP-FK20 supports shelves up to 40kgs with a thickness of 18-20mm


So now along with conventional shelves, inclined feature shelves can easily be installed as part of a retail display. The APDM/APDH aluminium shelf standards are available in surface mount or mortice versions and come with shelf supports for wood/composite and glass shelves.

A soft-closing counter flap – how good is that?

The LAD lift-Assist Damper is a retro-fittable surface mount mechanism that adds soft-closing counter flaps. The mechanism comes in two pieces so that when open the flap moves completely freely and can open 180º to lie flat on the counter. It can also be secured leaning against a wall. In the closing phase, when the two parts come together, powerful springs and dampers give a soft and silent close. For heavier flaps two units can be installed, given their functionality they are surprisingly small and unobtrusive

LAD schematic

Lift assist is also a welcome feature, counter flaps can be unwieldy and heavy in use so they are often left permanently open, somewhat defeating their purpose. With lift-assist staff are happy to open and close the flap in daily use as it’s practically effortless and completely safe.

Counters in retail, hospitality and the health sectors are all being installed with the LAD.

There is a video of the LAD in action here

If you are interested in these new products or would like to discuss any of the huge range of furniture and industrial hardware produced by Sugatsune why not give our sales team a call on:
01189 272 955 or email us on sales@sugatsune.co.uk
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