Would an extra 3mm make a difference to you?

The MUV34 - a full extension soft-closing undermount drawer slide
This is what you don't want to happen - good quality joinery disfigured by ugly side mount drawer slides!
A super low profile shelf standard the AP-DM
The shelf supports have no dead space and can support glass shelves with the optional covers
The hole design prevents accidental disconnection of the shelf supports
Available in easily cut lengths up to 2.6m

Undermount drawer slides 

Undermount drawer slides are becoming the standard for up- market furniture manufacturers. They tend to be more stable than side mounted slides and being concealed they are much easier on the eye. 

One shortcoming of the design has been that the drawer sides have to be a specific thickness with the market leader allowing composites up to 16mm thick and no more.

Sugatsune will soon be introducing an undermount drawer slide with a key advantage, it can be used with boards up to 19mm. For many bespoke manufacturers being able to use standard thickness boards is important and this slide is being eagerly anticipated.

It is of course soft-closing and front adjustable without a screwdriver, and in line with the ability to use more substantial boards it has a market leading 34kg load capacity – compared with 30kg for the competition.

Sugatsune has some prototypes of the MUV34 in stock if you’d like to evaluate the slides and will start shipping in March.

Shelving systems

In retail display every detail communicates the values of your brand. Shelving systems are very often the setting for high value items and a good designer will consider the context for their goods very carefully. The AP-DM shelf standard is an oriental reworking of an established idea with some modern twists. Ultra slim tracks are surface mounted or recessed into the wall giving a purchase to shelf supports that are cleverly designed to give no dead space under the shelf.

The tracks have a crisp jewel like quality that is a reflection of the quality of manufacture and the aesthetic of retail display that led to their manufacture. Uniquely they are made from a tough aluminium alloy with a hard matt finish.
The tracks at less than 3mm are slimmer than anything else on the market so less visually obtrusive whilst offering comparable performance. These qualities have made them very popular in situations where elegance and refinement are the thing, luxury goods stores, high fashion, cosmetics and even in high end furniture manufacture.
Along with the good looks comes a very well thought out and practical attachment mechanism designed for extra security. Thanks to an intelligent slot design the ultra discreet shelf supports need to be pulled up and pulled out to remove them which prevents accidental removal.
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