Simple table top hinges and sophisticated sliding folding doors

The LM-80 Self-closing sliding door
The LM-80 Self-closing sliding door
The MH-83 table top hinge
Self-closing easy open sliding doors are a boon for wheelchair users
The advantages of sliding doors are not just in the in the area of space saving. They are often used for disabled access because they are much easier to operate from a wheelchair or with limited mobility. 
The soon to be available in the UK LM-80 extends it’s user friendliness by having a self closing feature which also soft-closes. With no rails on the floor there is clear access for wheelchair users or for interior designers who want a clean run of flooring through the access area.
The LM-80 is a robust system that will support heavy doors weighing up to 80kgs and with a width from 700mm to 1200mm. Wheelchair access usually requires at least 900mm. The LM-80G is for glass doors and will suspend an undrilled 80kg glass door with glass clamps.
The overhead rail for the door is on a very slight gradient so that when opening, even though no perceivable effort is required, the door is primed to close under gravity. If partially opened the door will gently close behind the user, if fully opened there is a detent to keep the door open. Again little effort is required to close the door from this position and in all cases the door uses adjustable rotary dampers to effect silent closing.

The door system will surface mount with a discreet pelmet fascia over the rail. A small roller guide is the only thing that needs to be installed on the floor behind the wall. In the case of the LM-80G a double roller guide is installed. Available through Sugatsune Kogyo UK.

Table top hinge available in stainless steel and chromed steel

The MH-83 Tabletop Hinge comes in stainless steel (MH-83/S) or chromed steel (MH-83/CR)and is for flaps up to 450mm by 700mm. Used typically in marine interiors where there is a need for a drop down flap table.

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