Sugatsune’s J160 Heavy Duty Concealed Hinge

At Sugatsune, we don’t believe things should ever be more complicated than they need to be. So, when it comes to installing large doors with concealed hinges, we didn’t agree with trying to fit four or five hinges to take the extra weight. Four years ago, we set our engineers the task of simplifying things for larger, heavier doors and the result was the J95 concealed hinge. Three J95 hinges will hold doors weighing up to 40kg, suitable for the very largest full-length doors on walk-in closets, wardrobe doors fitted with a mirror and heavyweight floor-to-ceiling panels covering ‘secret’ storage spaces.

Over the years we have continued to develop the J95 family and we now offer a number of different products in the J95 range, including hinge options for overlay doors that position the panel flush with the body of the wardrobe or cupboard – again, ideal for hidden doors or just for achieving a stylish, tidy finish. We also supply J95 hinges in nickel or black, with or without a catch to hold the door in the closed position as required.

The key innovation is that the J160 opens to 160 degrees.

Introducing the J160 range. Like the J95, the J160 is a heavy-duty concealed hinge capable of holding doors weighing up to 40kg. The key innovation is that the J160 opens to 160 degrees, the extra wide angle allowing open doors to be tucked out of the way against the adjacent surface when open. Due to the strength needed to hold the weight of heavy doors at 160 degrees the J160 is a bigger hinge and in line with industry demands we have been able to integrate the soft close mechanism, a premium feature which delivers a smooth, controlled shutting motion, mitigating the risk of heavy doors being slammed or fingers being trapped. The J160 can also be fitted to very thin doors, with a minimum depth of 18mm, again making it suitable for the type of decorative panels often employed as hidden or secret doors.

Although the J95 hinge can hold the same weights as the J160 it is smaller in size so not does not allow for incorporation of the soft close functionality however soft close is by no means unavailable to anyone fitting large cabinet doors with J95 concealed hinges. All products in the J95 range are compatible with the DC200 damper catch- a unique interior-mounted soft damper which applies late close control to doors weighing up to 40kg and up to 3m in height. Like the integrated soft close mechanism in the J160, the DC200 slows the motion of the door late in its arc and brings it to a smooth, gentle close. It also includes a latch which holds the door shut.

The ML-ZN80 has been specially designed for heavier doors.

Another option for ensuring large cabinet doors stay shut when closed is the ML-ZN80 magnetic touch latch. As with the J95, J160 and DC200 ranges, the ML-ZN80 has been specially designed for heavier doors, with strong magnets to cope with the extra push force.

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