Join Sugatsune at the UK’s Largest Engineering Trade Show!

There’s one month to go until the National Exhibition Centre (NEC) in Birmingham undergoes a full engineering takeover. The Advanced Engineering trade show is back. And here at Sugatsune, we’re excited!

As a company steeped in precision engineering tradition, we make no bones about the fact that events like this excite us. It’s a chance to rub shoulders with thousands of other engineering and manufacturing professionals over two days, talk in depth about the present and future of industry, share ideas, learn, and build connections.

As a components manufacturer and an exhibitor at the show, it’s also a chance for us to showcase what we have to offer. Sugatsune products are used across the full range of industrial sectors – aerospace, automotive, chemical and process engineering, construction, food production, manufacturing, marine and medical, to name but a few!

Across our industrial components range, we pride ourselves in combining innovative design with an unwaivering commitment to build quality and resilience, developing groundbreaking solutions to real-world problems that businesses face. We always welcome the opportunity to demonstrate how our products can help face-to-face.

Two of our preoccupations with industrial component design are space and motion – how we can adapt conventional solutions to make more efficient use of space, and how we can achieve that (and other benefits) with a more innovative approach to component motion.

For example, one of the ranges we will be showcasing at Advanced Engineering is our MLG Multi-Roller Linear Slide System. MLG slides are guide rails for drawers and other pull-out, push-in components, but with a difference. We know that in many industrial settings, especially inside other equipment, finding space for moving parts to run horizontally can be challenging. It’s often preferable to have a diagonal motion, or even to have slides and rails that operate vertically.

With conventional slide mechanisms, running them anything other than horizontally over a period of time will eventually cause overload and a progressive breakdown in function. MLG slides are designed so no such deterioration in function occurs, and they can run diagonally and vertically with perfectly smooth motion, tested up to 300,000 repetitions.

Motion Design Tec

We will also be exhibiting a range of products demonstrating our unique Motion Design Tech concept. The guiding principle behind Motion Design Tech is to make the opening and closing motion of doors and flaps easier, safer and more convenient. It covers five types of motion in all:

    • Soft motion for smooth open and close control.
    • Free stop for holding lids, flaps and doors in any open position.
    • Click motion for holding components in pre-fixed open positions.
    • Power-assist motion for aided opening and lifting.
    • Unique motion for tailored motion solutions, often involving multi-part movement.

Motion Design Tech solutions are built into a wide range of our products, and we can also add the technology to components to order to additional value.

Advanced Engineering 2023 takes place at the NEC Birmingham on November 1st and 2nd. Come and say hello to us at stand N142. If you haven’t yet registered for a ticket, click here.

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