It’s little things like this that make the difference

The L-100S is a miniature lid stay with a deceptively simple rotary catch
The BLS-60 is a regular barrel bolt with a spring return in the knob
Multiple catches can be opened and left open for easy panel removal with the SX-48
High temperatures are no problem to a Samarium Cobalt magnetic catch like the MC-0083HP

Design from Sugatune combines quality and innovation

For a designer there is a specific thrill that is felt when in the presence of effortlessly simple yet effective design. Take the rotary catch above which is an elegant and integral feature of Sugatsune’s L-100S miniature lid stay. By pushing the stay back and forth the rotary mechanism alternatively locks and releases the stay. With the mechanism on view the product explains itself and anyone can see that with such ingenious simplicity the device will have a long and happy service life. It’s well engineered from corrosion resistant stainless steel and can be screwed or riveted in place or attached with the optional mounting brackets.

The BL-60 a barrel bolt with an unique feature

Many Sugatsune products are this way, mainstream products with unique features. Take humble barrel bolts; they’re great for keeping your shed door shut. The design is time tested and impossible to improve upon. Or is it? The bolt requires friction and to some extent gravity to keep it in place so what happens when it’s subject to movement and vibration? The BLS-60 looks like a standard barrel bolt but when using it you are aware of a spring that returns the knob to the upright position, in either the open or closed position. It’s a simple idea that makes the bolt ideal for use in manufacturing or just where you want to be certain that the bolt is open or closed. It’s how Sugatsune does things, a standard product with something special about it.

The SX-48 and the MC0083HP

place in process machinery for example. Catches like these are often used in multiples as they allow a panel to be push fitted and subsequently held securely. Removing the panel can be a bit of a juggling act though, if you have three catches down one side of a panel you’ll need three hands, beyond the pay grade of the average technician. Sugatsune has fitted a temporary hold-open feature so that you can flip open multiple catches for single handed panel removal. The hold open feature automatically releases when the catch is engaged. The SX-48 has snap-in installation for sheet metal use and is made from corrosion resistant black plastic and 304 stainless steel.

Sugatsune makes a bewildering range of magnetic catches, each one ideal for a particular use. The MC-0083HP looks like many others but like most Sugatsune products it has a highly specific and unique quality – it remains functional at high temperatures. Above 150ºC Neodymium magnets start to lose strength but the Samarium Cobalt magnets in the MC0083HP remain stable to over 250ºC. It’s also worth noting that Samarium Cobalt magnets offer greater corrosion resistance than Neodymium. The magnet can be had with either 7kgs or 14kgs force, in either case that is the force you’ll get, consistent over time and temperature.

Sugatsune has a huge range of products but each one has something about it that makes it special. If you’d like to discuss a particular product please call our friendly sales team.

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