How to get hooked on good design

A french development on the pointed stick
The patented JF-T swinging damped hook.
The TK-Hook with a clothes and flesh friendly bobble on the end of the hook
The NF-60 - hanging commuters jackets
The NF-R64 flush chrome

Hooks, a bit of history

The Guisarme was a nasty medieval pole weapon used to dismount riders and hurt them. In the picture you’ll see that the chief feature is a hook. Almost certainly invented by french peasants by sticking a bill hook on the end of a long stick.

Fast forward to round about now and looking through the Sugatsune catalogue you’ll see a vast range of hooks that could also be used to do mischief if you so choose. However after a quick scan you’ll find the JF-T, a swinging hook with friction.

A swinging hook carries several advantages; not least enhanced safety.  A fixed hook in a locker room offers pointy metal at eye level. Not too much of a hazard in an adult Health Club with it’s restrained atmosphere but in a school locker room things can be quite different. Boisterous behaviour could result in serious injury.

Apart from the health risks an immovable hook will snag and rip clothes more easily and in an industrial environment pose a greater risk to passing objects. The movement can also make it easier to use the hook from different angles.

Sugatsune product range

The JF-T hook swivels but as it has a friction damper within it, it will stay where put: a feature that can also be useful in the transport industry or where vibration is present.

Under a school desk you may find the TK Swinging Hook which adds to the safety features by having a satisfying bobble on the end of the hook preventing knees from being dug into and helping to preserve clothes.

Another approach to anti-snagging is to have a hook that is recessed like the NF-60. The hook is spring loaded to retract when not in use. The smart, powder coated Zinc Alloy unit has found favour on railways and aircraft and marine interiors. The spring also prevents rattling when the hook is not in use helping to maintain the hushed tone of modern rail travel.

The NF-R64 offers another slant on the same solution – at 3mm it is virtually flush mounted, it has a chrome finish and can be used in sheet metal applications.

Sugatsune manufactures hooks for a diverse range of applications small and large including rotating and swing hooks, recessed hooks, clean room hooks and latch hooks.

As with all Sugatsune products each one has a unique quality or feature which makes it particularly suited to one task or another. Some would call that an obsessive attention to detail but to be honest it’s just good design.

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