Evolution – are big hinges getting smaller?

The smaller HES3D-90 is small enough for doors only 23mm thick
The HES3D-190 is a substantial hinge for prestige entrance doors which sets the tone for the entire range.
The HG-JHM14 stops flap doors from slamming down.
The J95 - now for glass doors up to 25kgs per pair
The new safety cover for all of the J95 hinges, locks the hinge to the mounting plate for complete peace of mind.

The evolution of the HES3D hinge

The HES3D range of 3-way adjustable concealed hinges started gaining friends when the only version was the massive HES3D-190 designed to support impressive entrance doors weighing up to 100kgs. Always popular with architects the demand has always been, “can we have these for our interior doors please?”

Keen to please, Sugatsune’s R&D department came up with successively smaller versions so that an architect’s vision could be carried through the development. Now, with the introduction of the HES3D-S90 even wardrobe and cabinet doors can benefit from the luxurious feel and excellent engineering.

For doors as thin as 23mm the HES3D-90 uses the same articulated mechanism and like it’s bigger brothers is easy to fit and has three axis adjustment so that doors will fit perfectly.

J95 and HG-JHM14 the other hinges from Sugatsune

Another product important hinge is the HG-JHM14, essentially a smaller version of the HG-JHM16. These are hinges that include a soft-close damper for lids and flaps, very useful for vanity units in hotels and chart tables in yachts. With 5-20 kgf-cm of torque the HG-JHM14 fills a gap in the range from the tiny HG-JHM9 to the bigger HG-JHM20.

The J95 concealed hinge has been a hit since it was first introduced. A larger more robust version of a standard concealed hinge it can support doors up to 25kgs. Glass doors can be disproportionately heavy which makes the new J95 for glass doors a bit of a shoo-in.

It comes with an optional extra, a safety cover which when fitted will actually lock the hinge to the mounting plate. The safety cover is also available for the standard J95 hinge, essential in areas of geological instability like Japan and good to have elsewhere.

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