Flush Surfaces With Push-Knob Latches And Push-To-Open Catches

The DPL comes with a good choice of finishes.
Diagram showing the detent closure system for the DPL
Flush finish kitchens are becoming ubiquitous.
The MC-37, MC-28, and PR4-PK showing their comparative sizes
The PR4-PK is a mighty midget - here shown with the catchplate for metal.

Catches and Latches with plenty of solutions

Flatness is desirable. Since the dawn of time, or at least the fitted kitchen, doors have been adorned with knobs and handles, often the more sticky-out the better. But the modern look is “less is more”, sleek, smooth and flush. So if flat is your thing what are the available devices for opening doors?

The DPL Push Knob Latch spans two industries for quite different reasons. In contemporary interiors the DPL is making way but it’s a certain fixture in the marine interior market. On a yacht it’s not just about looking good, there are strong practical reasons for things being the way that they are. Push knob latches tuck away flush when not in use, keeping them from jabbing you or tearing clothing when you lurch around the gangways in heavy seas.

When you’re spending serious money on a yacht everything about the craft has to reflect the investment. The DPL Push Knob Latches are built to a high technical standard and are being specified by the leading quality yacht manufacturers. In use they have a positive solid action and their high standard of construction secures manufacturers against quality related warranty claims.

The DPLs have a “detent” type close as well as a good positive lock that prevents cupboard doors from bursting open even if the contents get thrown around inside in heavy seas. For the same reason they are being installed in Recreational Vehicles as the Americans call them.

The DPL push knob latches are designed for door thickness ranging from 15mm to 25mm and require a single 28mm diameter hole for installation. Finished as they are in gold, chrome or satin nickel they are loved by designers for adding accent to an otherwise minimalist design. The choice of bezel increase the possibilities for the designer; square, round or lozenge shaped, and for some the combination of gold and chrome equates to eye candy.

As a non magnetic-catch they are also attractive in situations where magnetic fields are unwanted, chiefly where electronics are being used. Where there is a tendency towards shock and vibration designers favour non-magnetic catches. In the home, particularly when smaller children are around, a positive close is a boon, ask any mum who’s come in to find baby on the floor surrounded by a field of small noodles!

Whilst Push Knob Latches are a mainstream product in the transport sector they are more of a niche market when it comes to the KBBs where “push to open” is the vogue. Here the ability to resist impulsive loads is not as important (unless you wish to imprison your cat) as the flush finish.

Flush doors allow uninterrupted expanses of colour and texture and are an expression of the current minimalist aesthetic. Catches like the MC-37 and the MC-28 are non magnetic and will give a retaining force of 3kgs (MC-28) or 8kgs (MC-37). Once installed no handles are required, doors open with a simple push, designers and purchasers are happy: the Chinese knob mines fall quiet

Push to open is also an important method in the industrial sector. Refuse bins often use this technique as it allows flaps to be opened when the hands are soiled or holding something. The PR4-PK is very popular as it is small in size and yet has a retaining force of over 1kg. It can be used in wood and metal applications by changing the strike plate and can be used for snap-in installations.

In industrial machinery it is often used for closures on flap doors to switch or control panels where a discreet method of opening is wanted. Inspection hatches can be small and where space is limited the PR4-PK offers a very effective mechanism, replacing both handle and catch in one tiny unit.

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