Are these the most attractive products Sugatsune makes?

Sealed magnetic catch, the MC-MS50 now comes with a softer silicon coating as an option. The silicon coating has better high temperature performance and is quieter.
The MC-159 a strong thin magnetic catch which is now clear laminated
The MC-JM50 is completely sealed making it corrosion resistant in marine environments and perfect for clean room use.
With a magnetic force up to 15kgs the MCH is a heavy duty catch.
The MC-0083HP stays magnetic up to 250º
The MC-FS-17W is a snap in magnetic catch for sheet metal enclosures.

The Magnetic Catches Features

Yes, they do have a beauty of their own but the magnetic catches produced by Sugatsune have other attractive features. The MC-159 is a small magnetic catch that uses Neodymium magnets for their great strength and small size. It has an attractive force of 4kgs which is a lot given that it is only 3mm thick. If you want some real grunt from your magnetic catch the MC-159-8 packs an astonishing 8kgs force into the same size unit. That’s enough to support 32 packets of butter or a six month baby (not recommended).

Very resistant catches

Whilst neodymium magnets are very powerful they’re not that resistant to corrosion so Sugatsune have addressed this by coating the 5kg force MC-159-SUS in a thin layer of acrylic to protect it from the elements.

Neodymium magnets have extraordinary qualities but they are a challenge to manufacture consistently. Sugatsune goes to great lengths to make sure that when 8kgs is the published strength that is exactly what you will get. It has to be said that this is not the case with all manufacturers.

In clean room applications it is important that there is no metal to metal contact so catches like the MC-JM45 are completely encased in plastic. The 3kg force neodymium magnet can now also be supplied as the MC-MS50 with a flexible silicon encapsulation which can be more robust in certain situations and is quieter in operation.

The MC-JM50 is fully encapsulated in polyacetal so as well as being suitable for clean room work it is also popular for marine applications. The 3kg force neodymium magnets are completely protected from salt water corrosion.

The MCH comes in a variety of sizes and can be mounted at 90º to the door or flap it is securing making it suitable for inset doors or where a completely flush closure is essential.

For high temperatures

Neodymium magnets are unequalled for strength but in temperatures above 150º their performance begins to decay. For temperatures above this ferrite magnets can work but are not as strong so the magnet of choice is Samarium Cobalt, as is used in the MC-0083HP. It comes in two versions either 7kgs or 10kgs of force and is stable up to 250ºC. Samarium Cobalt has better corrosion resistance too.

The MC-FS17W is specifically designed to be used in sheet metal applications and has a simple snap in function. It comes in a variety of sizes and uses ferrite magnets making it a sensible practical solution.

If you’d like to learn more about these products please ring our customer services team.

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