Come Say Hi To Us At the UK’s Premier Festival of Construction!

Olympia London, UK, 17th to 18th November 2021

Visit us in the Grand Hall, Stand B31

The London Build Expo is the UK’s biggest construction industry event, and here at Sugatsune UK, we’re delighted it is returning in person in 2021.

We have our exhibitor’s stand booked, we have our products packed up and ready to go, and the team can’t wait to get there to connect with customers, partners and colleagues old and new after what feels like too long away.

Aside from meeting lots of great people, one of the reasons we love attending trade shows like London Build is that we always feel our products benefit from being demonstrated in person. Sure, we can talk about the strengths of our architectural components all day long. But we much prefer to showcase what our products can do and let people make up their own minds.

London Build Expo 2021

If there’s one guiding principle that defines the Sugatsune range, it is striving to push back boundaries in design concepts to give our clients more choice, greater flexibility and better performance. Take the concealed hinge, for example. If you still think hidden hinges are only suitable for small to medium sized cabinet doors that open outwards, come to our stall in London and we’ll be delighted to show you what ours can do.

Amongst the products we’ll be demonstrating, we’ll have our J95 and J160 heavy weight concealed hinges on show. Capable of supporting doors up to 40kg in weight and 36mm thick, these groundbreaking hinges extend the concealed concept up to full length wardrobes and walk-in partitions, opening the door to pristine seamless finishes on a much larger scale than simple kitchen or bathroom cabinets.

The J160 hinge also features an added innovation in that it supports wide angle opening up to a maximum swing of 160o, perfect when you want maximum access or simply want to be able to tuck the door neatly out of the way against an adjacent surface when open.

For comparison, you’ll also be able to compare the J160 with our LIN-X series lateral opening hinges. Instead of swinging outwards, LIN-X hinges use a unique double pivot to slide a door sideways as it opens. Again, it’s great for wide access and for tucking open doors neatly out the way. But the LIN-X range is also designed to offer a complete alternative to the standard outward swinging motion of most doors – great in tighter spaces.

To complete the set on concealed hinges, you can see for yourself another big Sugatsune breakthrough in action – the HES concealed hinge range for interior doors. A conceptual step forward from the pivot arm concealed hinge, the HES is capable of supporting doors up to 125kg with a beautifully reimagined take on the traditional barrel hinge that leaves no part of the mechanism visible when closed – that seamless cabinet finish scaled up to key architectural features!

Finally, many of our concealed hinges come with in-built soft close as standard, so this will be an opportunity for you to experience the premium smooth, controlled motion that our unique rotary damper technology delivers. We will also have our latest range of lift-assist dampers (LADs) on show, which apply the same soft close concept to counter flaps. As well as providing controlled close for flaps up to 40kg in weight, helping to protect against the risks of slamming and trapped fingers, our LAD dampers feature a special spring coil which assists with lifting, providing the same smooth motion in both directions.

These are just a few of the products that we can’t wait to showcase at London Build. For a full insight into unique, innovative and above all premium quality solutions we offer across the board in furnishing and architectural design, do drop by our stand and say hello.

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