A tiny improvement to our architectural hinges

The HES3D range

When it was first introduced the HES3D range was intended for large, heavy doors; the sort guarding the entrance to hotels, museums or boardrooms. The multi-link articulation is incredibly smooth and the three axis adjustment gives perfect fit. With three hinges the HES3D-E190 supports doors weighing up to 125kgs. Architects love them, they look good and if you hold them the quality of engineering is almost startling.

The big sister of all the HES3D hinges, The HES3D-E190 is a serious bit of kit for large and heavy doors.

Over time requests started coming in for smaller versions, for thinner doors, even special colours. So the HES3D family started to grow: the HES3D-160, then the HES3D-120 make classy hinges for interior doors, whilst the HES3D-90 fits to doors only 23mm thick making them ideal for cabinetry too. With this range the same format of hinges can be used for all larger doors through the whole development giving a coherent theme.

Introducing an alternative

Now the game changes. With the recent introduction of the HES3D-70 there is a genuine alternative to the industry standard concealed hinge. Not that we have anything against the concealed hinge, Sugatsune makes millions of them and they’re the perfect and practical solution for 90% of utility cabinet doors.

Small enough for cabinet doors the HES3D-70 is fully articulated with three axis adjustment

But they are designed to be functional and there are times when that is not enough. With a hinge like the HES3D-70 kitchen cabinets, bedroom and entertainment furniture can achieve a higher level of sophistication. They are less visually intrusive and when visible they please the eye – available in Silver, Champagne Gold and Black. They have all the three axis adjustment of the larger hinges in the range but amazingly will fit doors as thin as 19mm.

Our HES3D series can be used with a vast range of sizes and applications.
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