A Connection Built To Last

Fastmount, Connection Built To Last

Fastmount has been part of the extended Sugatsune family for more than a decade now.

Our exclusive distribution deal to supply Fastmount products in the UK has been a great success for both parties, boosting Fastmount’s global profile and establishing Sugatsune as the largest distributor of an increasingly renowned brand.

It’s a relationship built to withstand the tests of time. Just like Fastmount’s products.

So what do Sugatsune customers need to know about Fastmount? Well quite simply, if you need to install panels anywhere, you need Fastmount.


Fastmount has been a genuine gamechanger in panel mounting, a universal solution that applies the same simple, robust, flexible concept to every situation where panel mounting is required – in the aviation industry, in vehicle interiors, in architectural interior design.

But the Fastmount story starts in the marine industry. A New Zealand boat builder named Gregg Kelly was working on panel upholstery and installation on board superyachts when he was struck by just how inadequate the standard ‘hook and loop’ mounting systems used at the time were – lack of precision, inflexibility, fastenings frequently coming undone so panels sagged, and time-consuming, fiddly installation.

Working with designer and engineer Ron Hanley, Gregg set out to create something better. The solution the pair came up with was ingenious in its simplicity and effectiveness – something that chimes well with the product design ethos we pride ourselves on at Sugatsune.

Instead of awkward hooks and loops, Gregg and Ron devised a system of simple male and female clips, which could be attached anywhere, held strong and lent themselves to achieving perfect alignment.

Not surprisingly, Fastmount fast became a hit in the marine sector. The Fastmount Panel Mounting System is today used in more than 500 boatyards in over 40 countries, revolutionising interior design and refits in the yacht and superyacht sectors.

One-stop solution

But what makes Fastmount products so exciting to us is that the concept can be applied to mounting panels far beyond the marine sector. The self-tapping clips, precision engineered from industrial grade plastic, work with panels made of any material – metals, textiles, glass, PVC and other plastics, all types and thicknesses of wood.

This makes Fastmount clips a perfect accessory for architectural design, a one-stop solution for interior cladding of all types.

With minor adjustments to the basic concept, for example to reduce the profile or increase the tension hold of the clips, Fastmount has been able to develop specialised solutions suitable for aeroplane and recreational vehicle interiors.

Wherever they are deployed, one of the things that really sets Fastmount products apart are the way they combine impeccable results with complete flexibility. Fastmount offers a non-sequential panel mounting system, which means panels can be installed in any order, or taken down individually to be replaced or repaired – no having to take the whole lot down!

In addition, no matter how many times you remove, replace or move around panels, you get the same pristine, perfectly aligned finish every time.

We make no secret of the fact that, at Sugatsune, our aim is to provide the best architectural, furnishing and industrial components available to our customers. When it comes to panel mountings, no one does it better than Fastmount. It’s a perfect fit.

To find out more, please feel free to contact us to talk through your panelling requirements

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