Waste Disposal Hatches

Sugatsune’s range of waste disposal hatches bring a hint of glamour to an essential operation. Made from stainless steel for an easily maintained and corrosion free service life their good looks make them perfect for use in the public space.

Latest introductions to this range include:

The AZ-GD232 is an angle mounted waste hatch with a self-closing door. For some applications where small or wet particles are being disposed of an angled hatch is easier to use. The AZ-GD232 can be mounted at any angle from vertical to 45º. You may ask yourself how does the self-closing door manage that range? Well, it’s a simple counterbalanced system and you can change the position of the fulcrum by choosing the appropriate hole in the suspension arm.

Effective closure at an angle - just choose the right hole to attach the lid.

Hatch surrounds can be used with hatches or without. Sometimes what is required is just a hole to put things through. A surround like the AZ-ND can smarten up the hole and protect the edges of the support from wear and tear.

The AZ-ND is a smart brushed stainless steel surround for hatches or holes

One of the banes of the recycling industry is the tendency of the public to be indiscriminate when disposing of their material. In airports the AN-SH has been used to encourage the public to only recycle newspapers. Too small for a drinks can it’s just the right shape for repurposing a used copy of the Daily Mail.

The AN-SH, won't discriminate between the Guardian and the Mail but will keep drinks cans out

Disposing of wet waste brings it’s own challenges. The AE-DH is a funnel available in a polished or brushed stainless steel. It can be installed in a counter-top for collecting slops or combined with the AE-DH020K-45 stainless steel strainer, can be used for collecting waste oil. It has a dedicated hose, the AE-DH4540-1 which can be used to connect the funnel to further plumbing.

Polished or brushed the AN-DH can be surface mounted to counter-tops
The AE-DH is a robust stainless steel strainer designed to be used with the AN-DH funnels.
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