The Small Things That Hold The Rest Together

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Design and production of technical articles for furniture industry

Like Sugatsune, O.M.M. is a component manufacturer that understands the importance of the small things.

The Italian company specialises in fixtures and fittings used in furniture production, covering joints and connectors, level adjusters, wardrobe adjusters, extruded aluminium frames and a host of other hardware components.

Across its product range, O.M.M. focuses on premium design and engineering principles to produce high quality metalware that can be trusted for its resilience, performance and versatility. Exactly what we set out to deliver with every product we make ourselves here at Sugatsune, no matter how small.

It’s a synergy that has led to a long and productive relationship between the two companies. For more than a decade, Sugatsune UK has been the main distributor of O.M.M. components in this country, extending the choice available to our customers.

We do this by carefully selecting products from the O.M.M. range which we best feel complement our own architectural and furnishing systems. For example, O.M.M.’s wardrobe adjusters are particularly popular. These robust tensioner bars act as a great foil for our best-selling hinge systems, allowing doors to be adjusted and tightened into position after they are hung, and keeping them in position without the risk or warping.

Adjustable mounting

Another O.M.M. speciality is shelf and bracket systems. Again, we are very pleased to be able to supply and recommend these high-quality products to our customers for their durability, their versatility and their ease of installation.

Our partner’s MN series shelf supports provide a user-friendly solution for the popular ‘floating’ shelf concept with no visible brackets. Superior quality stainless steel rods fixed to the wall provide a strong, sturdy base for mounting shelves via holes drilled in the rear face.

But one of the best features of MN series supports is that they allow for horizontal positioning and front tilt to be adjusted after mounting, offering super fine control that is nonetheless simple to achieve. MN100 series supports also include a special slot where an optional anti-drop system can be inserted for extra security when heavier loads are required.

In-position adjustment is also a standout benefit of O.M.M.’s bracket systems. The ATC range includes solutions for mounting panels, units and cabinets to the wall. All products provide three-way adjustment once mounted – horizontal, vertical and depth, providing exquisite control for aligning every unit just as you like.

This flexibility is complemented by the range of mounting options available as part of the ATC series – rear, side, internal support and ‘hidden’ or ‘floating’. Across all of these, ATC brackets provide impressive durability and sturdiness, with anti-release locking as standard and every component engineered from tough high tensile stainless steel.

To find out more, the sales team at our Reading showroom and distribution centre are always more than happy to talk to you about your project and make recommendations about the products that can best help you. Why not contact us today to get started.

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