Small & Mighty

The GX-50. It's smaller so has less visual impact for retail spaces
Not just a looker, the PLN-50 has won design awards in Japan
Tough and workmanlike the GX-W50 supports an impressive 200kgs
Built like a tank the UHG can support up to 400kgs.
A highly refined caster the NPG has gas shock absorbers.

The ideal casters for a prestigious UK retail chain 

They settled on the Sugatune GX-50 because not only did it meet their stringent mechanical standards but it is much smaller than the nearest competition. Their business is all about product and presentation so ugly in-your-face casters were never on the agenda. The GX-50 however brought a smile to their faces when they discovered it and continues to please them as it helps them to run their business smoothly.

All of Sugatsune products strive to differentiate themselves in one way or another and it’s these small differences that make them so special.

With a caster like the PLN-50 the difference is all about the look. It has a stylish hub-less design and an eye-catching cast metal housing in gleaming black or chrome. By contrast to the discreet GX-50 the PLN-50 is definitely designed to be seen and yet it never forgets that it has a tough job to do.

For heavy duty jobs

Going up a whole order of toughness are casters like the GX-W50 with a load capacity of 200kgs per unit. Designed for a hard life, the GX-W50 comes in fixed and swivel versions.

For extreme applications the UHG is a real brute of a caster having a load capacity of 400kgs per unit. The swivel has a ball race to keep things smooth and it’s built to survive coming in swivel fixed and braked versions. It still manages to keep a low profile though, given it’s performance it is a surprisingly small caster.

Not small but mightily effective is the NPG caster which was developed for specialist clean room or laboratory environments. The wheel is made from anti-static polyurethane or nylon with the body made from 304 stainless steel. It has a hydraulic suspension system and reduces airborne particles to levels acceptable to the industry.

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