Quality Glass Hinges – Less hard to find

The XL-GC has a lock that opens when the key is inserted into a barely visivble slot in the side of the lock body
The XL-GC has a restrained style that works well in upmarket locations
The XL-GH01 requires no drilling
Simple smart and effective the GH-450 is relied upon by many of Britain's larger retailers
Organic shapes and solid engineering in the 3360 Shower Screen Hinge

Glass hinges with superb finish

If you have high value items that need to be displayed in a public space the glass display cabinet is the platform of choice. It prevents pilfering and protects from damage whilst giving control over lighting. Used extensively in retail and exhibition spaces the cabinets are usually bespoke made to meet specific design criteria.

Sugatsune fittings are often used, combining as they do a superb finish with neat design ideas. The XL-GC range for example has a bevelled edge and chrome finish which enhances the look of any cabinet without upstaging the contents. It also has a discreet locking system where the key is inserted into a slot in the side of the lock body. Having a hidden lock is a sensible first step in security. The range includes hinges and locks for single and double swing doors and also sliding door mechanisms and locks.

The GH-450 hinges have satin stainless steel, chrome and gold finishes to add visual interest and are used by some of the nations largest department stores to enhance their displays. Simple and well made for glass 5mm-8mm there is an optional detent to keep the door open or closed. These are robust hinges capable of handling doors up to 15kgs, important in a busy commercial environment.

Glass hardware for wet-rooms

Similarly substantial the XL-GH range of hinges is machined from polished stainless steel and brings a high degree of corrosion resistance to the table. Maybe that’s why it’s often specified for use in wet-rooms. The XL-GH01 does not even require drilling of the glass or acrylic which makes it very useful when time is short.

Very often though a more diminutive hinge like the GH34 hinge fits the bill. Available in overlay, half overlay, inset and even lift-off formats it’s polished chrome finish and unobtrusive styling make it ideal for smaller cabinets with doors weighing up to 4kgs.

Thanks to their high standard of engineering all of these hinges perform well in public and commercial spaces. Sugatsune has recently started to supply similarly well specified hinges for the bathroom and wetroom. Shower screen hinges like the 3360 can support glass doors up to 40kgs and represent just one of a range of bathroom hinges.

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