Lamp News: Not just a pretty fascia

The glass door kit has now arrived and is supplied with a truly glamorous faceplate in gleaming chrome. It looks like a futuristic aerofoil with the curved surface catching the light to assure a strong accent. It is fitted to the front of the glass door over the fitting hole with the glass door and a plastic gasket sandwiched between it and a standard J95 hinge.

Black as night, a new dawn for Sugatsune

Fashions change though and the demand for finishes that complement the designed interior is growing. The predominant finish in the Sugatsune catalogue is stainless steel, that’s what many of the products are made from and also happens to match the modern aesthetic. But there are a growing number of products that can be had in, amongst other colours, black.

Catches and Latches

Sugatsune manufactures a wide range of closure systems from miniature mechanical and magnetic catches to stainless steel hasps and slide bolts for process or manufacturing spaces, push knob latches for marine use or hermetically sealed magnetic catches for clean room use.